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2021 KAPAPD-APAPARI Joint Congress

2021 KAPARD-APAPARI Joint Congress
Korean Academy of Pediatric Allergy and respiratory Disease
The Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology & Immunology
Date : May 20(Thu) ~ 22 (Sat), 2021
Venue : Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Scientific Program

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Home Program Scientific Program
Channel 1 offers five Plenary lectures and four symposium lectures live on the Internet. *On-Air
Please refer to the program below and check the time of the lecture you want. All lectures are arranged based on Korea Standard time(KST).
Time Sessions Speakers
May 20 (Thu) : Day 1
Opening Ceremony Soo-Jong Hong (President, KAPARD), Hugo van Bever (President, APAPARI)
Plenary 1: Update in AD Chairpersons: Soo-Jong Hong (Korea)
1. Multi-omic evaluation of atopic dermatitis in children Donald YM Leung (USA)
2. Biologics for the management of atopic dermatitis in the era of precision medicine Emma Guttman-Yassky (USA)
3. Can we prevent eczema and the atopic march? Hugo van Bever (Singapore)
Symposium 1: Food allergy in Asia Pacific Chairpersons: Bee Wah Lee (Singapore) / Jeong Hee Kim (Korea)
1. Anaphylaxis in children and adolescents: Data from the APAPARI Anaphylaxis Registry Agnes Leung (HK)
2. Seed and nut allergies in children Kyunguk Jeong (Korea)
3. Epicutaneous sensitization to food allergens: What do we know and what should we do? Punchama Pacharn (Thailand)
Plenary 2: Update in the management of food allergy Chairpersons: Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan)
1. New perspectives in diagnosis of food allergy Sooyoung Lee (Korea)
2. Recent advances in immunotherapy of food allergy: Efficacy, safety and long-term follow-up Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan)
3. Primary prevention of food allergy: Experiences in Asia Bee Wha Lee (Singapore)
May 21 (Fri) : Day 2
Plenary 3. New concepts in pediatric asthma Chairpersons: Hugo van Bever (Singapore)
1. Multi-Omics approach to pathogenesis of pediatric asthma James Gern (USA)
2. Prediction and prevention of pediatric asthma: What we learned from birth cohort studies Soo-Jong Hong (Korea)
3. Phenotypes and precision medicine in severe asthma in children Ioana Agache (Romania)
Plenary 4: Future of pediatric asthma and allergic rhinitis in Asia Chairpersons: Jae Won Oh (Korea)
1. Use of electronic health records for early identification and prognosis prediction in childhood asthma Young J Juhn (USA)
2. Environmental influences and allergic diseases in Asia Pacific region: What will happen in the next 30 years Gary Wong (Hong Kong)
3. Future prospects in Asia: Impact of climate change and air pollution on pollinosis Jae Won Oh (Korea)
Symposium 2: Immunotherapy in real practice Chairpersons: Gary Wong (Hong Kong)
1. Oral immunotherapy in the office setting Pantipa Chatchatee (Thailand)
2. How to optimize Immunotherapy for multiple pollen allergy? Dae Hyun Lim (Korea)
3. Subcutaneous immunotherapy vs sublingual immunotherapy in children Elizabeth Tham (Singapore)
May 22 (Sat) : Day 3
Plenary 5: Updates in pediatric lung diseases Chairpersons: Chang Keun Kim (Korea)
1. Therapy for mucus clearance disorders - drugs and devices Bruce Rubin (USA)
2. Approach to apnea in infants and children Daniel K. Ng (Hong Kong)
3. Management and prognosis of interstitial lung disease in children Andrew Bush (UK)
Symposium 3: Multiomic approaches in allergic diseases Chairpersons: Naoki Shimojo (Japan) / Soo-Jong Hong (Korea)
1. Lessons from genomic studies in asthma and allergic diseases Kyung Won Kim (Korea)
2. Updates in the role of microbiome in atopic dermatitis Ting Fan Leung (Hong Kong)
3. Epigenetic changes in the offspring affected by the fetal and neonatal adverse environment Kenichiro Hata (Japan)
Symposium 4: WAO symposium: Hot topics in pediatric allergy Chairpersons: Ruby Pawankar (Japan) / Sooyoung Lee (Korea)
1. Infection and pediatric asthma Gary Wong (Hong Kong)
2. Community-based medicine on anaphylaxis Yoon-Seok Chang (Korea)
3. Molecular allergology Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan)
Closing Ceremony Motohiro Ebisawa
(President-elect, APAPARI),
Soo-Jong Hong
(President, KAPARD)
Channel 2 offers various lectures in the form of  VOD.
You can watch any lecture at your convenience.
Please refer to the program below and check out the lectures you want to take.
Sessions Speakers
May 20 (Thu) - May 22 (Sat) : Day 1-3
Symposium 5: Pediatric asthma in Asia
1. Pediatric asthma in Asia: Phenotypes and endotypes Dong-In Suh (Korea)
2. Biomarkers in pediatric asthma: Pathophysiologic basis and clinical implications Myung Hyun Sohn (Korea)
3. Biologics for the treatment of pediatric asthma: Which, who and when? Jiu-Yao Wang (Taiwan)
Symposium 6: New concepts in AD
1. Are there distinct phenotypes of AD in Asian children? Yukihiro Ohya (Japan)
2. Immunologic profiles of Asian patients with AD Emma Guttman-Yassky (USA)
3. Noninvasive evaluation of protein and lipid compositions in AD skin Jihyun Kim (Korea)
Symposium 7: Pathophysiology and management of rhinosinusitis
1. Microbiome in allergic disease and potential preventative strategies Ruby Pawankar (Japan)
2. Climate change and allergic rhinitis in India Anand B Singh (India)
3. Clinical practice on pediatric chronic rhinosinusitis Yong Mean Park (Korea)
Symposium 8: Indoor and outdoor pollution
1. Air pollution and epigenetic changes: Effects on asthma Hyo Bin Kim (Korea)
2. Particulate matter does matter in childhood asthma Dae Jin Song (Korea)
3. Particulate matter and atopic dermatitis: An important trigger in Asia Kangmo Ahn (Korea)
Symposium 9: Ongoing birth cohort studies of allergic diseases
1. Association between breastfeeding and allergy in birth cohort studies: Asian experience Naoki Shimojo (Japan)
2. Lessons from US birth cohort consortium for the research of allergic diseases James Gern (USA)
3. Early-life environmental determinants of allergic diseases in Korea Soo-Jong Hong (Korea)
Symposium 10: Itch and chronic urticaria in children
1. Mechanism, biomarkers and measurement of pruritus Ellis Hon (Hong Kong)
2. Prevalence and causes of chronic urticaria in Asia Pacific Wasu Kamchaisatian (Thailand)
3. Management and prognosis of chronic spontaneous urticaria in children Taek Ki Min (Korea)
Symposium 11: Pediatric respiratory and critical care
1. Flexible bronchoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases Daniel K. Ng (Hong Kong)
2. ICU rehabilitation for children with respiratory failure Joongbum Cho (Korea)
3. Preparing for the pediatric lung transplantation: When and How? Jinho Yu (Korea)
Symposium 12: Lessons from COVID-19 pandemic
1. Clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of COVID-19: differences between children and adults Eun Hwa Choi (Korea)
2. Challenges in allergic diseases: COVID-19 pandemic era Kunling Shen (China)
3. Immunopathogenesis in COVID-19 – informing on vaccine design and implementation Yu-Lung Lau (Hong Kong)
Symposium 13: Understanding of allergic march
1. Development of food allergy in children with atopic dermatitis: Cellular and molecular mechanism Donald YM Leung (USA)
2. Developmental relationship between AD and allergic airway diseases: Evidence from birth cohorts Eun Lee (Korea)
3. Identification of allergic march phenotypes and endotypes : Multiomics Biomarker Ioana Agache (Romania)
Symposium 14: APSID symposium: Recent updates in primary immunodeficiency
1. Auto-inflammatory disorders - our experience at Chandigarh, India Surjit Singh (India)
2. Monogenic autoimmune diseases Huawei Mao (China)
3. Lessons learned from Bruton Hirokazu Kanegane (Japan)
Symposium 15: Respiratory tract infections and antibiotics in children
1. Nationwide survey of peumococcus serotypes in pediatric pneumococcal disease Takao Fujisawa (Japan)
2. Macrolide-resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children Hyeon-Jong Yang (Korea)
3. Immune modulation by macrolide antibiotics: More than killing bugs Bruce Rubin (USA)
Satellite symposium 1: SANOFI
Satellite symposium 2: MSD
Satellite symposium 3: Thermo fisher
Satellite symposium 4: HANWHA PHARMA
Channel 3 offers lectures in  VOD format in 6 categories
(Asthma, Allergic rhinitis & rhinosinusitis, Atopic dermatitis, Food allergy, Pulmonology & clinical immunology and others).
You can watch any lecture at your convenience. Please refer to the program below and check out the lectures you want to take.
Time Sessions Speakers
May 20 (Thu) - May 22 (Sat) : Day 1-3
Oral presentation 1 (Asthma)
Oral presentation 2 (Allergic rhinitis & sensitization)
Oral presentation 3 (Atopic dermatitis)
Oral presentation 4 (Food allergy & anaphylaxis)
Oral presentation 5 (Pulmonology & respiratory tract infection)
Oral presentation 6 (Primary immunodeficiency, immunology & miscellaneous)
Channel 4 will be open for only one day on Day 3(May 22), with lectures for Koreans
(children's youth, open-school, school health teachers) available in the form of  VOD.
All lectures are arranged based on Korea Standard time(KST).
Time Sessions Speakers
May 22 (Sat) : Day 3
Practical guidance of children with allergy for childcare workers
어린이 알레르기 교육프로그램
영유아 식품알레르기의 실제
Food allergy of children in the real world
Woo-Kyung Kim (inje Univ.)
인제의대 김우경
식품알레르기는 어린이들에서 흔하고 환자마다 다양한 모습으로 나타납니다. 어린이집, 유치원과 초등학교 어린이들에서 관찰할 수 있는 다양한 식품알레르기의 실제와 대처를 알아봅니다.
Food preparation for children with food allergy
식품알레르기 어린이의 식사 관리
Soo-Hyun Joo (Seoul Medical Center)
서울의료원 임상영양사 주수현
식품알레르기 어린이를 위한 식사와 간식, 무엇을 어떻게 준비해야할지 병원에서 식품알레르기 환아들에게 상담과 교육 경험을 가진 영양사 선생님의 노하우를 공유합니다.
How to cope with anaphylaxis of young children in COVID-19 pandemic era
코로나19 대유행 시기의 아나필락시스의 감지와 대처법
Yoon-Hee Kim (Yonsei Univ.)
연세의대 김윤희
코로나19 대유행으로 병원에 가기 어려운 상황입니다. 아나필락시스를 가진 어린이에서 주의깊게 보아야하는 증상들을 알아보고 환자에게 처방된 먹는약, 자가주사약 등을 점검하고 대처방법을 숙지하면 걱정을 덜 수 있습니다.
The many faces of atopic dermatitis in children
소아 아토피피부염의 다양한 모습
Yong-Mean Park (Kunkuk Univ.)
건국의대 박용민
아토피피부염은 가장 흔한 소아의 만성 피부질환입니다. 소아 아토피피부염은 어떤 경우에 의심하고 어떻게 정확히 진단하여 잘 조절할 수 있을지 알아봅니다.
Basic skin-care for children with atopic dermatitis
아토피피부염 어린이를 위한 목욕, 보습의 실제
Ji-Ae Park (Seoul Atopy Asthma Education Information center)
서울시 아토피천식 교육정보센터 박지예
아토피피부염의 피부관리는 가장 기본이 되는 치료입니다. 떠도는 많은 비법들이 과연 맞는지, 어떻게 해야 가려움을 줄이고 잘 조절할 수 있을지 아토피피부염 교육간호사 선생님과 함께 실습해봅니다.
Channel 5 will be open for only one day on Day 3(May 22), with lectures for Korean Program. Lecture is available in the form of Live Streaming.
*On-Air You can watch the lecture replay (VOD) until midnight on the day of the May 22. All lectures are arranged based on Korea Standard time(KST).
Time Sessions Speakers
May 22 (Sat) : Day 3
대한소아청소년과의사회-대한소아알레르기호흡기학회 공동 심포지엄(KPA-KAPARD Joint Symposium)
Opening 홍수종 이사장 Soo-Jong Hong (Congress President)
임현택 회장 Hyuntaek Lim (KPA President)
Interpretation and clinical application of skin prick test and serum specific IgE test
피부시험과 혈청 특이 IgE 검사의 해석과 실제 진료에 적용하기
Yong Ju Lee (Yonsei University)
이용주 (연세의대)
Effectiveness and safety of sublingual immunotherapy(SLIT)
설하면역요법의 효과와 안전성에 대해 알아보기
Man Yong Han (CHA University)
한만용 (차의대)
Skin care and moisturizers
진료실에서 알아야 할 피부 관리 팁과 보습제 사용법 알아보기
You Hoon Jeon (Hallym University)
전유훈 (한림의대)
Coffee Break
Omalizumab and Dupilumab in pediatric allergy clinics
아토피피부염과 만성두드러기 소아환자에서 생물의약품 처방하기
Jeong Hee Kim (Inha University)
김정희 (인하의대)
How to use the topical steroid and topical calcineurin inhibitor in children
소아에서 국소 스테로이드와 칼시뉴린억제제의 사용방법에 대해 알아보기
Hye-Yung Yum (Seoul Medical Center)
염혜영 (서울의료원)
Up-to-date guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma
임상에서 소아천식 진단과 치료에 대한 최신 진료지침 알아보기
Jung Hyun Kwon (Korea University)
권정현 (고려의대)
강의 다시보기 (VOD) 시청 가능함. 단 20:40 이후에는 평점인정은 안됨
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